Tech News:

  • jBoss app server hits Java EE 6
  • InfoWorld and Forrester Research publish 2010 EA awards
  • trouble in Cloud City: BPOS data breach
  • 1000-core CPUs
  • and a fly-wheel generator
  • while mainframe expertise in demand,
  • the Russia leader orders federal gov to GNU/Linux
Conference Calendar:
Conference When/Where
IBM Lotusphere Jan 30 – Feb 3
Orlando (Dolphin/Swan, WDW)
IBM Impact

April 10-15
Las Vegas
Storage Networking World Spring April 4-7
Santa Clara, CA
Adv Earlybird Reg ends Jan 14

Tech Bookshelf:

  • Dilbert on 30 years of industry experience

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  1. Chris-

    Thanks for sharing that link. We all saw that strip today and loved it. Scott Adams is so brilliant with this comic. We also love the Dilbert iPhone app which makes it easy to view the strip each day.

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