Conference Calendar:
It’s a brand new month and so we flip to our calendar to check out upcoming conferences that you may be interested in. There are a couple that might be interesting to you.

Tech News:

Main Topic: Education Tech

  • budget constraints, eRate and the government process, vendor price list
  • pick the platform: apple or windows or other
  • pick the software: what are the requirements
  • hosted offerings: time for the cloud?
  • students, teachers, school administrator/pros: all different communities
  • shopping: go alone, county or state buying power
  • what is the future: all parents *have* to buy/school *has* to buy DeviceX in the year 2015?
  • how do device/platform decisions change as you progress to high-school and college (the need for students to have laptops/netbooks, dorm-room connectivity, on-line library, text books as e-books on Kindle DX or iPad?)

The Elevator Pitch:

  • John gives you the ‘elevator pitch’ to help you get your school administrators to buy-in to the program.

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