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Main Topic: EMC World Recap

  • Theme was “Where the Cloud meets Big Data”
  • 1.2 ZettaBytes in the digital universe today. Experts project this to grow to 35ZB by the end of this decade. 90% is unstructured data (think files). 300 quadrillion files out there.
  • Server volumes will increase 1000 fold this decade but IT staffs will only grow 47% on average during the same timeframe.
  • Security attacks are not reaching any plateau. In 2010,
    • 88% of Fortune 500 had botnet activity
    • 60% had email compromised by malware (1/3 of the 60m malware variants were created in the last year alone)
  • EMC believes that IT as a service (aka the cloud) addresses the pain points of security and data deluge. Provides greater agility, efficiency and automation.
  • Lots of announcements/focus on scalable NAS (Isilon acquisition from last year).
  • Announcement of Hadoop appliance and support.
    Tech Bookshelf:
    • An article on the Zettabyte File System: ZFS


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