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  1. Regarding Tablets in Enterprise..I wonder why Blackberry which already has infrastructure of Message Servers/Enrcypted emails and everything in place for security which made them a hit with Smartphones is not leveraging the same with Tablets.

  2. Regarding Innovation in laptops – how about a laptop with detachable screen which acts as a tablet? This would give me the best of both worlds. Obviously the screen would be a touch screen.

  3. Hi guys – a couple of comments about the effects of your earthquake based on our experience here in NZ during the Christchurch one.
    The most likely explanation for people's cellphones not working immediately after the earthquake would be overloading of the network as everyone calls people to see if they are alright. This lasted for several hours in NZ. This explains why SMS continued to work – I wrote an article on this for
    In a blog post I predicted that there would be an increase in uptake of backup/DR and cloud services in NZ due to the scare put into businesses by the Christchurch earthquake. Events here have shows that both those predictions were true. Lots more effort has been put into DR and BCP here in NZ, and many businesses in Christchurch have had to look to the cloud because they can't afford traditional capital IT expenditure. The same things may happen over your way after the earthquake and storms.

  4. Someone had a device like this within the last couple of years. I can't recall the manufacturer at the moment. Though you could argue that the point of a tablet is to be able to leave the heft of a laptop behind. I know a few people that carry a bluetooth keyboard around with their tablet everywhere because they don't like the onscreen keyboard. Makes me wonder why they don't just use a laptop. Or a netbook.

  5. You raise some great points, Doug. Clearly, after 9/11, this was the case as people jammed the cell networks trying to locate loved ones. Fortunately, the quake here this week was just minor and nothing like what you experienced in Christchurch. As far as infrastructure, I know most orgs do not size for peak capacity, so when an extraordinary event occurs, the environment can quickly become overloaded. Perhaps the cloud could help in providing additional capacity-on-demand. Though I am not a telecom expert so I don't know how specifically that might work. 🙂

    Thanks for the comments. Good stuff!

  6. Are they not utilizing BES with their Playbook? If not that would be a wasted opportunity as you indicated. I don't know anybody with one.

  7. Here is what I was thinking: Lets say you are a IT professional/Sotfware Engineer/Programmer. You need a computer where you can install software/write code etc. Now lets say I come home and decide I just want to catch up on emails, check blogs etc etc…I don't want to carry the heavy laptop when I am on my couch/bed…It would be nice if I could "unplug" the screen from my laptop, do my web surfing/emails etc which would be convenience (just one screen to hold) to multitouch gestures. Then when I have to start my work, just plug the screen back to my laptop and I am back to where I am. Writing code/doing copy/paste is a hassle in a tablet.

  8. I am not sure..never had a blackberry. But I think what made they so popular is the security/encryption for corporate communication. Was just thinking that if companies have spend the $$ to purchase their servers which handle the messaging traffic, wouldn't it be nice to have a tablet (thinking of it a a big screen smartphone) which piggybacks on all this.

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