Tech News:

  • VMware temporarily supports guest Mac Client OSes?
  • Infographic for the coming data storage explosion
  • HP reveals the WebOS pain in it’s quarterly conference call
  • Oracle pulls out of Itanium business, asserting it’s a dead end for HP, Intel and their customers
  • So is it over for the itanic? HP using Xeons
  • cloud news: Amazon lights up more datacenters, while OpenStack is getting popular
  • The laughable speed of justice and tech cycles: Gates testifies 7 years later

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  1. Happy Thanksgiving and thanks for the kind mention guys. I'm working on desktops and end user computing for the New Zealand government, so I'm having to do a lot of thinking on the topic. If anyone is interested my posts on this area can be found here: I should say that most of the desktop tech news that I get comes from this podcast!
    BTW We don't have thanksgiving in NZ, the closest is probably ANZAC day in April – but we don't eat anything special for that. The eating festival is Christmas where we traditionally have BBQs and pavlova.

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