The first show of the New Year, with some reading for your tech bookshelf, great questions for leaders to ask of your organization and much more.

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  1. Hi guys, another great show as per usual. A couple of points:

    1. I believe that the key reason webOS failed was the lack of a decent ecosystem. This is where Apple and Google have it all over the other competitors in this market – and where Microsoft is making its big play.

    2. With respect to server virtualisation, 40% sounds high to me. I do know that Australia and NZ lead the world in terms of virtualisation ratios (that message was loud and clear at VMware’s vForum), with NZ being slightly ahead of Australia, and both well ahead of the USA and Europe.

    3. The microsoft virtual academy is good – though a little superficial. Have you had a look at rackspace’s cloudU?



  2. @dougnewdick I agree about WebOS. We loved our Palm Pilots, but they never were attractive as a developer platform. Gartner provided the 40% virt number, and it sounds high to us too. The MS Virt Academy is just getting started, so let’s forgive the material but watch it expand. The Rackspace material is great! Thanks for passing it along. If we can refer to this in a future show, I’ll be sure to credit you with the find. Cheers and Happy New Year! John

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