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John got a close up look at everything that’s new in Windows Server 8. He’s talking about many of the most compelling features for IT Pros in this week’s podcast. Plus, major updates to Microsoft SQL Server and IBM DB2 that you should be aware of.

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IT Pro News:

  • The day of the database? IBM releases the first big upgrade in four years. Meanwhile, over in Redmond, Microsoft releases a major SQL Server upgrade of their own. See the changes.
  • An update from John on a Windows Server 8 session
    • Consumerization, cloud, remote workers, cloud
    • Can cloud lower RTB costs?
    • Windows Server 8 addresses each of these trends in different ways.
    • Uptime and security are major enhancements, as is server management.
    • Server core is now the default install
    • now with more roles, including .Net framework and SQL. (Now the preferred install!)
    • Smaller roles means less patches. For critical patches, it will now be possible to run two years with no reboot.
    • Network teaming built into the OS, with active/active.
    • Major changes in the server management console, the only UI to use to patch all those command-line-only “core” roles.
    • This one console is over-arching: for on premise, azure, and private hyperv cloud
    • No need now to reconsider DNS and IP settings separate from a server move: one the single pane of glass. Only Microsoft let’s you do a transparent move to cloud; not VMware.
    • Note: Azure about to host Hyper-V images!
    • catch-up feature: Failover cluster from 16 to 63
    • Data Center Edition has unlimited hyper-V rights.
    • SMB protocol has major enhancements, now tuned to include active/active. For some storage arrays, Windows Server can offload copy/move jobs into the tier: no more SAN-server-SAN traffic?
    • Power Shell and WMI 2 changed in this release to allow for admin power. 2400 cmdlets up from 130. New ISE, like an IDE. PowerShell first, GUI later! This is unstoppable for Server Admins.
    • Now, you can install server features to an offline VHD !
    • Storage enhancements. Integrity, uptime ,low complex ,max your investments. Storage Spaces for management Don’t go offline for chkdsk.Even for NTFS
    • Continuous online scanning and repair Migrate but no conversion. New support for industry std smapi for storage. Note: New reFS, not bootable.
    • Thin provision and VHD supported. Dedupe is a switch, but may need to be scheduled. Yes, it spans over server images. However, it is file-based not block-based.
    • Careful! Your backups may rehydrate all copies. Maybe dpm will respect this?
    • Pools and spaces. Sounds like SQL. Designed for SAS but works with SATA.
    • Server resource metering and chargeback/showback.
    • Procs, mem, disk, network(separated intra and inter) per VM.
    • Base features added to Hyper-V: async replication is catchup on the wan. No need for scvmm. vhdx format, SMB 2.2 for vm hosting, virtual fibre channel (LUNs now visible in the vm) Netapp support coming after this makes it into the Linux kernel.
    • Will we so intelligent NAS?
    • Network is also virtualized so hosts can reroute.
    • QoS now settable for Hyper-V, finally making it practical to move SQL Server to vm.
    • Hyper-V is now an extensible switch: now manageable from a cisco console.
    • More live migration options without SAN. SMB migration too. Also with share nothing!
    • Live storage first then the guest vm
    • Still need scvmm to p2v.
    • Demo on SQL 2000 on Server 2003 sp1 !

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