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We break from format this week to present an interview that we did with representatives from the Social Media department of our local professional baseball organization. As companies of all sizes and industries struggle with answering the question as to how social media platforms can best help their business, the Cleveland Indians are leading the way by embracing it in many creative ways. John and I sat down for an interview which we bring to you on this week’s show. The question for your org is ‘how do you stack up’? If your leaders are still struggling with the old “I don’t get it” notions, then maybe they should have a listen to this episode. Enjoy!

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Social Media in Sports:

  • Anne Keegan (@ack) and Erin Parker (@Indians) sat down with us to talk about the Indians Social Suite, Tribe Vibe, and what the team is doing on all of the social media platforms, including the newest ones like Pinterest and Google+.
  • In the third year of hosting local bloggers, twitter-ers, podcasters, and others active in the social media scene to come enjoy a game together.
  • Analytics suggest that certain platforms skew to different demographics (women like Pinterest a lot, for example) so they can tailor content specific to each audience.
  • Research they’ve done also suggests that people don’t like to see the same content cross-posted on all of the platforms since many people use more than one platform.
  • Actual direct communication from several levels of the organization — the team President (@MarkShapiro), the Manager (@MacTriber_11) as well as several ballplayers. How often can you say that you can interact with a company at all of those levels?
  • If you want to know more about what the Indians are doing, check them out at indians.com/social


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