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Long live the mainframe! IBM has announced a power-packed new model aimed at your mobile needs. Do you consider them a viable option in your enterprise? Do you have the right Ops skills to support them?



Hosts: John KresicTom KresicMike Kresic

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IT Pro Main Topic: Don’t we love mainframes?


  • z13, the mainframe for mobile
  • vintage IBM mainframe commercial for ebusiness
  • The IBM press release for z13 amd the z13 homepage
  • Highlights from the IBM VP of z, Mike Perera
    • modernization, size, power, reliability
    • 10TB RAM, 22nm chips at 5GHz, 100s of cores, each twice as fast as Intel cores,  30-50% faster Java execution, response time 70% faster, encryption twice as fast, run 8000 VMs
    • REST APIs and JSON support built-in with API called Zos Connect for devs to easily access services on the mainframe
    • support C and Java and Node.js and still PL1 and COBOL
    • DB2 large scale support and Hadoop
    • supports zOS and Linux and OpenStack all in combinations
    • TCO one third to two thirds lower than Intel x86 servers or cloud
    • designed process 2.5 billion transactions a day, or about one hundred Cyber Mondays.
  • If you still have a mainframe, is it valuable?
  • If you are all-in for the cloud, do you have an exit strategy, even with OpenStack?
  • Is the Intel based datacenter design still affordable, well engineered?



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  • Microsoft Ignite is in Chicago, IL from May 4-8
  • Cisco Live US is in San Diego, CA from June 7-11.
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