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What happens when your infrastructure fails you? All the trust and credibility that you had built up by providing high quality service suddenly comes into question. How do you take back control, restore confidence, prioritize the problems in front of you and demonstrate lessons learned? Have you practiced for this type of situation in your organization? Does a DR exercise adequately prepare you for when the real thing occurs? This is usually not the time to be asking these questions, but putting your playbook into motion. We’ll share some experiences.


Hosts: John KresicTom KresicMike Kresic

Running Time: 40:35





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IT Pro Main Topic: How to triage the “serious problem”


  • how to identify the right people
  • taking control of the communication/damage control/watching for rumors
  • setting up the discussion and resolution processes
  • testing your idea to manage the risk
  • trust issues, and repairing the trust
  • planning the fix and the backup plan
  • communicating to managers, the customers




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