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Google made several announcements at their developer conference last week. We’ll talk about some of those from the enterprise IT angle. What impact might they have within your organization? What should you be doing to prepare? And Windows 10 gets an official release date courtesy of Cortana.


Hosts: John KresicTom KresicMike Kresic

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Thanks to the university blog at Capella for including the IT Pro Show in the list of 5 podcasts Every IT Professional Should Hear.


IT Pro News:



With Brillo, Google hopes to be the OS for the Internet of Things. Are you ready for Android everywhere?

IT Pro Main Topic: Google I/O 2015

  • Google I/O said to be boring. Is that good for IT Pros?
    • Several announcements around smart home issues.
    • Apple Pay cloned
    • Project Vault to increase security
    • Android M changes permissions model for apps, better power management and USB-C
    • IoT Brillo is an Android subset, with Weave as a comm language
    • VR video production was open-sourced (12,600 x 6,000 @ 120Hz)
    • Lollipop adoption is about 10%


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