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Are most private clouds really failing, as a recent article suggests? Or is there more to it than wheeling in some hyper-converged infrastructure into your data center and hanging a “We’re Open for Cloud” sign on the door? We’ll look at it from different perspectives.


Hosts: John Kresic, Tom Kresic, Mike Kresic

Running Time: 43:37




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IT Pro Main Topic: Why Private Cloud?

  • Is Your Private Cloud Failing?
  • The average corporate private cloud environment wasn’t built to the specifications of its internal customers but, instead, was a reflection of what IT was comfortable doing and wanted the private cloud to be.
  • Most of these clouds aren’t cloudy at all but are more, what Forrester Research Inc. Senior Analyst Lauren Nelson calls, “Enhanced Virtualization” environments
  • This means they are traditional static virtual machine environments with a little automation to drive up IT’s efficiency. They aren’t self-service to the developer, don’t provide fast access to fully configured environments, aren’t metered (let alone pay-per-use).
  • A cloud-washed virtual server environment that takes two days to deploy new workloads, fulfilling requests through the help desk and having no cost transparency will lose every day to a public cloud.



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