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So much cloud news, so little time. Mike is back from Vegas and provides his trip report from Amazon’s re:Invent conference.


Hosts: John Kresic and Mike Kresic
Running Time: 44:04

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AWS re:Invent

  • Conference facts:
    • Only the 6th AWS conference (hard to believe).
    • Attendance more than doubled since 2015. This year announced as 43,000.
    • 270 breakout sessions in 2015 up to 1,300 this year.
    • Every keynote and breakout session is available, for free, on their YouTube channel
  • Logistics for this growth were, predictably, a challenge.
    • Every session I attended was jam packed. I was turned away from one that I had reserved because I was 5 minutes late. Lines formed in hallways over an hour before start time.
    • Long lines for shuttle busses. Hotels 30 minutes apart made session scheduling a challenge.
  • Nearly two dozen product announcements
    • EKS – Kubernetes support finally comes to AWS. In preview now. Hybrid cloud compatible, highly available, automatic patches/upgrades.
    • FarGate – in preview – lets you run Kubernetes as a managed service, so no servers, clusters or hardware to worry about.
    • AWS Cloud9 – an IDE for writing, running and debugging your cloud code
    • SageMaker – machine learning for the rest of us – comes loaded with the top 10 ML algorithms
    • DeepLens – an HD video camera with onboard compute optimized for deep learning
    • Amazon Transcribe and Amazon Translate
    • Amazon Echo for business
    • Amazon TimeSync service



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