The Words from Nerds gang recently got together in Florida for some vacation time. Of course, we took a road trip as a challenge. Could we podcast whilst traveling? Hmmmm. Well, we tried. We didn’t pack much. I was bringing my laptop anyway. So John and I each packed our USB headsets. I also brought a USB hub, but that turned out to be useless. Even though Mac OS X could see multiple headsets at one time, we couldn’t get the recording software to recognize that there were three units. And each wanted to control the line out. So, absent a mixer, we grabbed two of Tom’s laptops and did a Skype call.

This was OK, but since we were sitting next to each other, we had to be careful not to pick each other’s voices up in our microphones. But we wanted yet one more challenge. So we decided to record out on Tom’s cabana during a rather windy afternoon. We didn’t think the end result was very usable because one of the mics kept dropping out at the end of sentences. This had more to do with tuning of the non-Mac laptop than anything else. (We were kinda rushed cause the rest of the gang was getting hungry.)

We ended up getting a podcast out when we moved an hour North to Disney World (see Episode 11: Disney Tech). But Dad managed to snap some pics of us having a great time sitting at Tom’s house recording. Thought we’d share the pics of this WFN road trip.

Your Nerds (L to R): John, Tom and Mike

Recording face to face was pretty cool.

John REALLY wants to talk about FaceBook.

Mike cranks out Ep 11 late at night. An early morning at the Magic Kingdom was waiting.

Mike cranks out Ep 11 late at night. An early morning at the Magic Kingdom was waiting.

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