WFN #12 – Tech That Travels

What are the new ways that consumer technology is being used to aid people when traveling? smartphones used by airlines for boarding passes? Continental pilot program  subscribe to flight alerts via SMS (gate info, flight […]

Live on Location: Florida

The Words from Nerds gang recently got together in Florida for some vacation time. Of course, we took a road trip as a challenge. Could we podcast whilst traveling? Hmmmm. Well, we tried. We didn’t […]

WFN #11 – Disney Tech

Special Edition from Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida. We talk about the use of technology at the Disney parks and resorts and offer some suggestions for things we’d like to see. We also get […]

WFN #10 – Being Green

What does it mean to be ‘green’? Wikipedia defines green computing as “the study and practice of using computing resources efficiently.” ‘Green’ hardware is readily available and heavily marketed by manufacturers. Operating Systems, like Windows, […]