WFN #9 – Busy News Day

Big tech news this week that has everyone buzzing.  We lead off with the news that Microsoft is in talks to acquire Time Warner. This is regarded as a bold move by the Redmond software […]

WFN #8 – Spin Your Web

Nerd News of the Week BSG Finale Apple iPhone OS 3.0 announced copy/paste, MMS push notification scaled out search across the iPhone Main Topic So you wanna setup a website? How do you get started? […]

WFN #7 – Down with FaceBook

FaceBook In this show, Tom finally caved and joined FaceBook. What’s all the fuss about, he wonders? We discuss an article from The Weekly Standard by Matt LaBash that the three of us can all relate to. Nerd […]

Awesomeness in storage

If you haven’t been following the news, you may not know that solid state drives (SSDs) are becoming the next hot thing in storage. Your iPods have used these for a long time. But companies […]