I had a great time at PodcampOhio 2009 over in Columbus. Many thanks to the volunteers and organizers who made everything very nice for us. A tweet indicated that 184 people attended the show today. That is not bad. And the ones that made it were the ones that really wanted to be there. Why else give up a Saturday in June? It seems that a great time was had by all.

I had a chance to meet the guys from TheAppShow, a podcast focused on iPhone applications and app development. They recorded a show in the morning (great job guys!). I also met Tom Cagley, who does the SPAMcast show. I did not realize that Tom has over 30 years experience with a background based in radio. We all brainstormed over lunch about how to make our shows even better and how we might be able to collaborate. Stay tuned for some announcements here in the near future.

I also thought Krista Neher did a great job with her session (Building a Strong Brand for Your Podcast, Blog or Yourself). She really distilled a fairly sophisticated topic into some important and helpful points that we could all use. I know that she gave me some things to think about that could help us refine the brand of Words from Nerds.

Here are some of my pics taken during the course of the day. Enjoy.

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