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Do you conduct project health checks regularly in your organization? How are you measuring success? How are you guarding against scope creep? We’ll talk through some of the pitfalls that can impact any project and explain what you can do to avoid these traps. Since it’s the top of the month, we’ve got some conferences to tell you about and a free ebook for your IT Pro book shelf.


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A great guest editorial from Rob B. as posted in the newsletter.


The Project Health Check (PHC) can be used as a valuable tool for providing feedback and insight into the use and effectiveness of project delivery, quality, planning, and activities throughout an organization. PHC is a snapshot of the status of a project at a point in time against stated objectives, budget, and timeline. PHC can also be used as the baseline for the successful projects and subsequent continuous improvements during the lifetime of a project. The IIA (Institute of Internal Auditors) defines the top 10 factors for project success that should be used for a PHC as follows:


1. User Involvement

2. Executive Support

3. Clear Business Objectives

4. Agile Optimization

5. Emotional Maturity (avoiding ambition, arrogance, ignorance, abstinence, and fraudulence)

6. Project Management Expertise

7. Financial Management

8. Skilled Resources

9. Formal Methodology

10. Tools and Infrastructure


What criteria should you use for conducting a PHC?


The PMI (Project Management Institute) PMBOK (Project Management Body of Knowledge), ISO 21500:2012 Guidance on project management, PRINCE2 (PRojects In Controlled Environments, version 2; UK) or ISACA COBIT can be used to provide assurance that project management processes and controls are aligned with leading project management practices. For example, the following PMI criteria might be assessed during a PHC:


  • Governance Structure

  • Scope Management

  • Time Management / Project Plan

  • Cost Management / Financial / Budget

  • Quality Management

  • Resource Management

  • Communication Management

  • Escalation Management

  • Risk Management



Conference Calendar:

We cover upcoming IT Conferences during the 1st show of each month. Is there a conference you think we should be mentioning in this segment? Let us know!

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