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John has a recap of the Microsoft Project conference that he attended last week in Anaheim. Microsoft names their new CEO. And other Microsoft products are making some news. It’s a busy show this week with a Microsoft theme to it.


Hosts: John KresicTom KresicMike Kresic

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IT Pro Main Topic: MS Project conference recap

1200 attendees in Anaheim, California

Big ideas theme. From work, project and portfolio management


Sensei is giving away apps this week


TPG has an integration framework.

Office Store on PPM.

Big data, excel, powerView, maps.


Check details on Also check out the compliance controls.

There is now a simple way to create a site mailbox for the project as well.

Announcement: Project Online is $33/mo (with BI) and the new Project Lite is $7/mo.


Excel now supports ODATA feeds. Project Online exports the data too.

Ms Project now has a PoC for SSIS, not GA yet.


Partner Sensei has personal task based update apps for BYOD entry of time, etc.


Pro tip: avoid benefit budget exhaustion in Q4, sloppy throughout the year. Gotta sweep every two weeks, trust data, act on it. Data will get better.


Vendor Projility supports but Agile and TFS and work items with syncings to Project for PMs.

It is important to try to capture time where people do their work. PMs should only track at iteration level. Track burn down of cards   Let teams prioritize work seq.


You need different workflows for agile and SDLC. MS Project supports that construction.

User experience matters for ppm and the data entry folks.


Nintex also has prebuilt workflow actions for AD groups and membership. Also uses PSI for setting project statuses and types. The PSI has access to more data than the reporting database, so some operational reporting makes sense.


Big feature: support multiple versions of the same workflow.

Nice addition: LazyApproval style is okayed from email, not need a Sharepoint login. After a workflow, some fields are set to read only to avoid tampering.

Has a forms editor that locks fields and also reflows for BYOD.

Timesheet quality is PMO-wide and not one project. Automate it with reminders.


Deep dive architecture.

PWA is lean. ODATA important. Do not let views into db. Do not use web services or PSI but do use CSOM. Do use event handlers even on premises.  


Other customers advocate separate farm, no customizations, tight financial with CFO sponsor, better reporting.

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