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Changes are inevitable. If you are proactively managing your technology portfolio, then you realize the work that is involved to maintain software currency. But are you aware of all of the dependencies and the impacts that change has on other parts of your organization? Effective communications of roadmaps and plans are vital to prioritizing work and eliminating risk of non-support. We’ll discuss what we’ve seen.


Hosts: John KresicTom KresicMike Kresic

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IT Pro Main Topic: Communicating Your Roadmaps


Communicating the changes in IT and getting them done.


Executive Board’s CIO Leadership Council observed this: “Were you ready for Windows XP support discontinuation? Better prepare for more: in the next 6–12 months, more than 120 technologies from Microsoft, 45 from Oracle, and at least 200 from other popular technology vendors are discontinuing support. Which of your business units do you think will be affected, and how badly? Answers to these questions will be elusive if the IT portfolio data resides in multiple locations and there is no coordination in IT roadmapping.”


  1. What do you have? Technology Inventory Roadmaps
  2. How old is the stuff you have? Technology Lifecycle Management Roadmaps
  3. Are there things you can reduce or eliminate or migrate to other places? IT Consolidation Roadmaps
  4. Do you know how your tech is tied to your most and least important business capabilities? Capability Roadmaps
  5. Are you supporting important projects? IT Strategic Planning Roadmaps align IT initiatives to high-level corporate and business unit objectives to inform decision making.



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