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WFN298: For the 8th Time

Summary Growing brains and body tissue are happening at universities in the US. For real. Authentic light sabers on KickStarter. Star Wars Episode 8 starts filming and Jason Bourne is coming back. In tech news, […]

ITPS227: The Non-Developer Developer

Executive Summary: Microsoft introduces PowerApps for the non-developer developer out there. Big Data is still a headache for many. Adobe will drop Flash development next month. And Blackberry pulls out of Pakistan. Plus, more enterprise […]

ITPS221: The NonTechnical Manager

Executive Summary: How do non-technical managers positively or negatively impact the success of your teams? Isn’t it a classic mistake to promote the most technical person into management and expect them to thrive while learning […]

ITPS211: Google I/O

Executive Summary: Google made several announcements at their developer conference last week. We’ll talk about some of those from the enterprise IT angle. What impact might they have within your organization? What should you be […]