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WFN280: Apple’s September Event

Summary: We’re recapping all of the news from the September Apple Event. New iPhones, iPads and AppleTVs. How accurate were the rumors leading up to the event? More importantly, is it worth it to upgrade […]

Two Cool Things To Do With Your AppleTV

Hey AppleTV owners. Here is a quick post to make you aware of a couple of recent enhancements to your AppleTV. I just discovered them last night and wanted to share the love. First up, […]

Words from Nerds 151: The new iPad

The new iPad is out. Are you disappointed or did you already pre-order one? We’ll talk about what’s new and what else Apple announced and why you might care. Plus, a fun alphabet that will […]

Words from Nerds #80: John Gets an iPad

We have a special ‘hello’ for one of our listeners from Linz, Austria. 🙂 Nerd News: Roku releases three new settop boxes. Their answer to the new AppleTV? TV networks balk at AppleTV rental pricing […]