Tag: Apple Watch

WFN301: Apple Watch Pro

Summary Get ready for the Apple Watch Pro. Google making another name change. A Marvel/DC team-up is coming to the big screen. And Tesla will offer a hybrid SUV.     Hosts: Tom Kresic, John Kresic, Mike […]

WFN273: Automate Your Life

Summary: Things get interesting when the worlds of FitBit, IFTT, Hue Lights, Apple Watch and Amazon Echo collide. At least that’s what Mike found while playing with some of his new toys. It’s an IoT […]

WFN272: Bobbing for Apples

Summary: Early impressions of the Apple Watch, first hand. Yes, pun intended. And spoiler discussions about Avengers: Age of Ultron. We all had a chance to see it, as did millions of you. And this […]

WFN270: News From Space!

Summary: Apple Watch pre-orders sell out. Marvel’s DareDevil series on Netflix is really cool. What is Amazon Pantry? And the Hubble space telescope is about to turn 25 years old! Hosts: Tom Kresic, John Kresic, Mike […]