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ITPS237: Apple vs the FBI

Executive Summary A tech company leading the charge against the government? We discuss the case of Apple and the FBI. Could effective MDM policies have prevented this iPhone-hacking dilemma in the first place? What are […]

WFN280: Apple’s September Event

Summary: We’re recapping all of the news from the September Apple Event. New iPhones, iPads and AppleTVs. How accurate were the rumors leading up to the event? More importantly, is it worth it to upgrade […]

WFN279: Screen Saving

Summary: Tom catches us up on his attempt to get all of his iTunes media merged onto one account, his experience with a smashed iPhone screen and the Shelby that he really, really wants.   […]

WFN255: Smells Like Sausage

Summary: Hand soap that smells like sausage. It doesn’t get much better than that. Plus, now that Apple Pay is out what should you expect? And Tom inches closer to a decision on his next […]