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269: Spring Break News Roundup

Executive Summary Back from a quick Spring Break vacay, there’s a milestone for Kubernetes, pondering whatever happened to Google Fiber, AI that can mimic your voice within a minute. And are we really hardcoding passwords […]

ITPS235: Patch Your Firewalls

Executive Summary: Cisco releases patches to its firewalls that you need to apply right now. Google’s Cloud Platform gets a Lambda-like service. The IRS is having IT security problems of their own again. And GitHub […]

ITPS234: Underwater Data Centers

Executive Summary: Forget cloud data centers. How about an underwater data center? Microsoft is working on that, believe it or not. They’re also pushing Yammer and Planner in Office 365 updates. Cisco releases a ton […]

ITPS198: News Roundup

Executive Summary: We’re taking a look at some of the latest IT Pro news making the rounds this week. Google wants to bring more fiber to cities in the US. The FCC warns Marriott to […]