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ITPS191: Whither Paperless

Executive Summary: Whatever became of the promise of a paperless office? Gene Rodenberry saw this happening back in the 60’s. We’ll discuss what’s been holding companies back and what may be helping turn this around. […]

ITPS186: HP Split

Executive Summary: Our reaction to the HP split and how it affects the roadmaps for IT Pros.   Hosts: John Kresic, Tom Kresic, Mike Kresic Running Time: 33:18   [powerpress] IT Pro News: IBM formally withdraws support for […]

IT Pro Show 174: 05.26.2014

Executive Summary: We’re back after a few weeks attending some of the big IT conferences in North America. Mike recaps TechEd and Cisco Live. What were the common, recurring themes? What were the highlights and […]

IT Pro Show 169: 03.24.2014

Executive Summary: We know that a primary reason for employee dissatisfaction is having a poor manager. But what makes a manager great? What are some of the pitfalls most managers make? We’ll share our experiences […]