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IT Pro Show 115: 12.17.2012

Executive Summary: Cisco gets ready to spin off another consumer division. Google alienates Microsoft with a surprise decision about ActiveSync. SSDs may finally be price competitive. And we’ll look back at this year’s top Internet […]

IT Pro Show 107: 10.15.2012

Executive Summary: Google has a search appliance that is now ready for the enterprise. Of course, there are open source solutions, too. Microsoft releases Office 15 to manufacturers as it readies the launch of Windows […]

IT Pro Show 97: 07.30.2012

Executive Summary: Virtual networking is apparently the next hot thing with major acquisitions by some key players in the market in recent weeks. We’ll talk about this as well as a new solution to help […]

Words from Nerds 164: Great Googly Moogly

Happy Fourth of July wherever you may be as America celebrates its birthday! We want to convey our thoughts and prayers to all of the people that have been devastated by the raging wildfires in […]