Tag: Dell

IT Pro Show 138: 06.17.2013

Executive Summary: IBM and Microsoft make major improvements to their databases, perhaps as a way to combat open source Hadoop competition? A discussion on agile development and a survey showing the companies that engineers want […]

IT Pro Show 135: 05.20.2013

Executive Summary: A major server vendor abandons its public cloud offering. Did Google do enough for developers at their conference? And which mobile devices got Pentagon approval last week? We’ve got all of the hot […]

IT Pro Show 122: 02.11.2013

Executive Summary: What does the privatization of Dell mean for the company, for customers and for the computing industry in general?  And what is the significance of Microsoft’s loan to them? We’ll explain our thoughts […]

IT Pro Show 119: 01.14.2013

Executive Summary: Zero-day exploits, this one Java, that you need to patch. RIM offers incentives to app developers. A major server vendor considers going private. And our bookshelf items that describe behavioral dimensions that you […]