Tag: Disney

WFN300: DisneyWorld Tech

Summary We’re turning 300! That’s like 2,100 episodes in dog years. Or something like that. We’re taking a look at some of the cool new ways Disney is using tech at their parks to make […]

WFN299: Sophisticated Heat Beams

Summary: Details of the new Star Wars experience coming to Disney Parks. A drone army that will protect filming of Episode VIII. In gear, the laziest solution you’ve ever seen for office workers, some do-it-yourself […]

WFN295: What’s On Our Phones

Summary: Remembering the Space Shuttle Challenger thirty years later, Facebook launches its streaming video service and Han Solo himself will show us what Disney has in store at their parks for Star Wars fans. Plus, […]

ITPS233: News Roundup

Executive Summary: Nine day cloud outages seem excessive. Disney IT employees sue their employer. Microsoft and AWS cloud profits continue to rise. Facebook building another innovative data center. And much more in this week’s enterprise […]