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ITPS239: SQL Server on Linux

Executive Summary Companies shifting cloud platform allegiances, Microsoft surprises everyone with their announcement of SQL Server on linux, but they’ve got news on some 2016 product releases, too. Master keys, encryption continue to dominate the […]

ITPS225: News Roundup

Executive Summary Coke is going cloud-first but opting for startups and not the ‘big guys’. DropBox for Enterprise is ready and broadband is a fundamental right in the UK. Our news roundup has you covered […]

Words from Nerds 242: Pics and Vids

Summary:   Managing your family photo and video libraries can be a challenge some times. There are some tools that work better than others. Has digital photography changed your approach to printing pictures? Are you […]

IT Pro Show 128: 03.25.2013

Executive Summary: What do recent announcements from Microsoft and Apple mean to your enterprise? We’ll talk about a security gaffe from Cupertino and their new two-factor authentication. We’ll share our thoughts about the leaked build […]