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WFN297: Brain Freeze

Summary:   Twitter plans to roll out changes that are angering its long-time user base. The technology to freeze, and later unfreeze, brains seems to have been developed. And it’s OK if you sigh. It’s […]

ITPS212: Oracle Makes A Cloud Move

Executive Summary: Oracle wants to be your cloud platform of choice and makes several announcements to support that direction. Meanwhile, the latest data breaches affect the US government and a Polish airport. And Google collects […]

Words from Nerds 231: CES 2014

Summary: The Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas is underway this week. So, of course, this means lots of new gadgets and announcements. We’ll share some of the coolest news coming out of the show […]

Words from Nerds 175: It’s Fitness!

We’re talking about cool tech to help put you on a path to better physical fitness. These include ways to track what you eat and how much you exercise from the convenience of your smartphone. […]