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ITPS238: Mr. Smith Goes to Washington

Executive Summary Microsoft demonstrates just how antiquated our laws around technology are. Brazil imprisons a FaceBook VP after the company fails to help the government decrypt messages. And 11 million unpatched websites exposed to https […]

WFN298: For the 8th Time

Summary Growing brains and body tissue are happening at universities in the US. For real. Authentic light sabers on KickStarter. Star Wars Episode 8 starts filming and Jason Bourne is coming back. In tech news, […]

ITPS225: News Roundup

Executive Summary Coke is going cloud-first but opting for startups and not the ‘big guys’. DropBox for Enterprise is ready and broadband is a fundamental right in the UK. Our news roundup has you covered […]

WFN284: Look Ma, No Hands!

Summary Maybe we don’t have hoverboards and flying cars like we were supposed to in 2015, but we’re a lot closer to self-driving cars. Great Scott! This is heavy!   Hosts: Tom Kresic, John Kresic, Mike Kresic […]