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ITPS220: Amazon’s New Storage Tier

Executive Summary: Amazon gets a new storage tier and lower pricing for Glacier. HP woes continue as they get sued by the State of Michigan for failure to deliver a project. Meanwhile, the “new Office” […]

ITPS219: Why Private Cloud?

Executive Summary: Are most private clouds really failing, as a recent article suggests? Or is there more to it than wheeling in some hyper-converged infrastructure into your data center and hanging a “We’re Open for […]

ITPS206: Voice in the Data Center

Executive Summary: Technology doesn’t always lead to better customer experiences. One example is the trend to see robocalls replacing emails as cheap ways to contact you. If you have a call center, what does mean […]

ITPS205: News Roundup

Executive Summary: Microsoft shares release plans for some server products, including the next version of SharePoint. Office365 will let you share large attachments now. Email administrators recoil in horror at that news. IBM and HP are making some […]