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268: Your Holiness Hosts A Hackathon

Executive Summary The first-ever hackathon at the Vatican. Yes, the Vatican. Maybe someone will bring along one of Samsung’s new 30TB SSDs. Wow, what a wonderful world. Hosts: John Kresic and Mike Kresic Running Time: […]

Words from Nerds 169: Curiosity

Mobile App of the Week: Rock and Roll Hall of Fame app for iOS ($1.99 US) Thanks to @tc110 for this recommendation. Nerd News: The NASA Mars Rover “Curiosity” landed on the Red Planet on […]

Words from Nerds 113: In the Jungle. The Mighty Jungle.

Nerd News: Hollywood frets as 3D begins to fizzle Apple makes several announcements at their developers conference today. Mac OS X “Lion” one charge for all of your Macs (upgrades from Snow Leopard only) no […]