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Words from Nerds 100: The Centennerdial

It’s our 100th Episode!!! We get a call from some listeners to mark the occasion. Nerd News: Apple announces iPad2. Thinner, faster, 2 cameras. Gonna sell millions. Got a 1st generation iPad? Gazelle will pay […]

Words from Nerds #82: In A World

Nerd News: The PS3 gets some cool updates. Wii too! Big storage with 1TB optical discs Jobs says Apple’s approach better than Google’s. So there. Apple updates iLife suite and MacBook Air. FaceBook acknowledges privacy […]

WFN #41: Thankful for Tech

The kids are in the studio for this special episode of Words from Nerds. They take over the podcast and share their thoughts on a variety of subjects related to Thanksgiving and the upcoming holiday […]

WFN #40: Black Friday

Look for a special episode of the podcast this week as the kids take over and talk about tech that they are thankful for and gift ideas for kids. Black Friday shopping tips price matching […]