Tag: OpenStack

ITPS232: Hot Tech Jobs

Executive Summary: In this news roundup, we’ll take a look at some of the tech jobs in the greatest demand, discuss why OpenStack is hot but still failing in most deployments, talk about IBM’s relevance […]

ITPS219: Why Private Cloud?

Executive Summary: Are most private clouds really failing, as a recent article suggests? Or is there more to it than wheeling in some hyper-converged infrastructure into your data center and hanging a “We’re Open for […]

ITPS214: Earnings, News and Future Watch

Executive Summary: Lots of earnings news and unusual pairings of platforms and services. A study reveals just how few people in this world develop the software that we use. OpenStack hits a milestone (as does […]

ITPS210: OpenStack Is Coming

Executive Summary: You can’t talk about enterprise cloud solutions with a vendor for very long before you’ll hear about OpenStack. They are all throwing their support behind this, for the most part. But are they […]