Tag: Oracle

ITPS212: Oracle Makes A Cloud Move

Executive Summary: Oracle wants to be your cloud platform of choice and makes several announcements to support that direction. Meanwhile, the latest data breaches affect the US government and a Polish airport. And Google collects […]

ITPS204: Microsoft Turns 40

Executive Summary: As Microsoft turns 40, we reflect on how they’ve shaped the face of IT. And we’ll look ahead to what may be in store. What is the current role of the CIO in […]

ITPS190: Open Microsoft

Executive Summary: Microsoft makes some announcements that have the Tech industry and developer communities abuzz. The cloud wars are definitely heating up, and Amazon does not want to be left behind. We’ll talk about these […]

ITPS185: Do You Oracle?

Executive Summary: Oracle OpenWorld means John wants to talk about them! Questions for you that we ponder about integration of the stack, the viability of their apps and how the licensing options may cause you to […]