Tag: Redhat

264: What’s a Doldrum?

Executive Summary Rumors of a major reverse merger are making the rounds. Is this a big deal or a paper transaction? RedHat solidifies their lead in Kubernetes with a major acquisition. A report looks at […]

ITPS249: Containers Get A Boost

Executive Summary Microsoft and Redhat want to help your enterprise with containers. Some consumer electronics manufacturers change up their privacy policies, to the chagrin of their existing customers. And software developer jobs are in greater […]

ITPS226: Is Windows 10 Ready For Business?

Executive Summary Were the Paris attacks a product of strong cryptography? Conversely, are IoT sensors woefully insecure? We’ll discuss both and a host of news from Microsoft about Windows 10, RedHat and Android emulators.   […]

ITPS213: Will RedHat Lead in Containers?

Executive Summary: Companies continue to jockey for position with early mover advantage in containers and Docker. We’ve got news from two companies trying to do just that. Plus the annual update on IT language rankings, […]