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ITPS213: Will RedHat Lead in Containers?

Executive Summary: Companies continue to jockey for position with early mover advantage in containers and Docker. We’ve got news from two companies trying to do just that. Plus the annual update on IT language rankings, […]

Words from Nerds 143: Up and At Them

Bad news for you and Zappos. And Mini Cooper owners. The sky is falling! But its just a Russian space probe. All this and much more on this week’s show! Sponsor: MozyPro Online Backup: Simple, […]

Words from Nerds #82: In A World

Nerd News: The PS3 gets some cool updates. Wii too! Big storage with 1TB optical discs Jobs says Apple’s approach better than Google’s. So there. Apple updates iLife suite and MacBook Air. FaceBook acknowledges privacy […]

IT Pro Show #4: 08.09.2010

Changes in Silicon Valley as an ouster at the top surprises everyone at Hewlett Packard. A top exec leaves Apple over in Cupertino, too. Tech News: HP CEO ousted after series of inappropriate behavior Did […]