Tag: SuperBowl

GTC219: Super Blunder

Summary: It’s a mess in Berea as reports surface with details about TextGate. Will the Browns lose a draft pick? Will Ray Farmer be fined and/or suspended? Wasn’t it supposed to be a quiet offseason? […]

GTC218: SuperBowl XLIX Preview

Summary: The big game is finally here in the NFL. We’ll give you our SuperBowl XLIX preview. Also, the Cavs look sharp as they piece together a nice win streak. Can they catch the Hawks […]

GameTime Cleveland 186: Seahawks Romp

Summary: The Seahawks crush Denver in SuperBowl XLVIII. And now the Browns want to be like them. They also nab an Offensive Coordinator for Coach Pettine. The Indians equipment trucks made their way to GoodYear, […]

GameTime Cleveland 185: Bettin’ on Pettine

Summary: The Browns name their latest Head Coach. He comes from the Bills. And so do many of his assistant coaches. Elsewhere in New York, the SuperBowl takes center stage on Sunday. Will Peyton get […]