Tag: Twitter

WFN297: Brain Freeze

Summary:   Twitter plans to roll out changes that are angering its long-time user base. The technology to freeze, and later unfreeze, brains seems to have been developed. And it’s OK if you sigh. It’s […]

ITPS190: Open Microsoft

Executive Summary: Microsoft makes some announcements that have the Tech industry and developer communities abuzz. The cloud wars are definitely heating up, and Amazon does not want to be left behind. We’ll talk about these […]

Words from Nerds 194: Two Sauce Authentication

Summary: Hacking is a serious matter. But the tweets that ensue once its happened can often be hilarious. Burger King was on the unfortunate receiving end this week as their twitter account was hijacked. John […]

Words from Nerds 193: Big Mac Index

Summary: The recent twitter hack should automatically remind you to change your password. And don’t make it easy to guess. You want your account active so that you can read all of the funny tweets […]