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ITPS256: 0x100

Executive Summary Is there really a shortage in tech talent in the US? Maybe not. John will weigh in on the importance of  understanding the AI algorithms you’re developing. And a major credit card issuer […]

ITPS253: Bionic Immutable Pirates

Executive Summary Facebook and IBM make pro-open source decisions that should make customers and developers happy. More cuts coming to HP Enterprise before the end of the year. And impressive benchmarks on the latest iPhone […]

ITPS193: News Roundup

Executive Summary: A roundup of the stories making news this week. German companies are taking an extra step towards the focus on work-life balance. Would that work in the United States? What does Google’s release […]

IT Pro Show 117: 01.01.2013

Executive Summary: What will the new year bring for IT Pros? It starts off with the need to patch Internet Explorer. Again. HP warns investors that it may consider spinning off some of its assets. […]