Tag: Windows 10

WFN296: Who Wants an ARC Reactor?

Summary: Tony Stark doesn’t have the only ARC Reactor around anymore, thanks to MIT. Amazon’s Echo keeps getting smarter. Now it’ll water your lawn and order you a pizza. Microsoft really wants you to upgrade […]

ITPS226: Is Windows 10 Ready For Business?

Executive Summary Were the Paris attacks a product of strong cryptography? Conversely, are IoT sensors woefully insecure? We’ll discuss both and a host of news from Microsoft about Windows 10, RedHat and Android emulators.   […]

WFN286: Spies Like Us

Summary: SPECTRE opens this week and we’ve got a look at some James Bond tech. We also look ahead to some of the movies coming to the box office this Holiday season. Plus, a new […]

WFN281: Upgrades

Summary: Software and hardware upgrades Clint Eastwood style. That is, the good, the bad and the ugly of it all. Follow some common-sense advice before you embark on that Windows 10 upgrade.   Hosts: Tom Kresic, […]