Meet the Team

Tom KresicTom Kresic was the host of Words from Nerds and a co-host on GameTime Cleveland and IT Pro Show.

Tom traveled the globe, literally, to support some of the most sophisticated IT systems around. He loved to sail, ride his Harley and had a keen eye for photography.

Tom passed away in 2016, but his spirit will live on with us forever.
John Kresic is host of IT Pro Show and was a co-host on Words from Nerds.

John brings a wealth of IT experience, having worked for Fortune 100 companies for over 30 years. He’s an Enterprise Architect and has presented at conferences across the US.
Mike KresicMike Kresic co-hosts IT Pro Show and was host on GameTime Cleveland and co-host on Words from Nerds until those shows were retired in 2016.

Mike has managed teams and architected systems for some of the Fortune 200’s biggest companies in the past 25 years. He’s a Cloud Architect, home theater owner, NFL owner and a die-hard Cleveland sports fan.