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News This Week

  • The 1 Billionth application has been downloaded from the iTunes app store. Big prizes for the winner.
  • 37 million iPhone/iPod Touches have been sold to date.
  • To iPhone or not to iPhone? Discussing the merits of waiting for iPhone 3.
  • What’s the origin of the iPod name? You’d be surprised.

Main Topic: Death of Blu-Ray

Warner Offers HD DVD Disc Bailout

Is this really worth it? With the emergence of movies-on-demand, how long will optical discs be around?

Devices that stream movies-on-demand to your home that are available now include:

THX says Blu-Ray is dead. Does that mean no Star Wars in HD? Spinning disc may need to go the way of flash memory before most consumers contemplate replacing their DVDs with their HD equivalents.

What’s the future of the optical disc for music? When’s the last time you bought a CD at a record store?

Did you ever play Pink Floyd’s Dark Side of the Moon while watching The Wizard of Oz? This was not just a coincidence.

Nerd Word of the Week

Movie Quote of the week

  • Okay no problem. Here’s my second plan. Back in the 60’s, I had a weather changing machine that was, in essence, a sophisticated heat beam which we called a “laser.” Using these “lasers,” we punch a hole in the protective layer around the Earth, which we scientists call the “Ozone Layer.” Slowly but surely, ultraviolet rays would pour in, increasing the risk of skin cancer. That is unless the world pays us a hefty ransom. – Dr. Evil, Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery

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