We Boldly Went…

  • … to see Star Trek, of course. So did a lot of people. Over $76 mill in its opening weekend.
  • No spoilers here, but what did we think?

Listener Emails

  • We picked on Vista last week without explaining why. Our bad. We’ll tell you the pros/cons and provide some background as to why Vista has gotten some a bad rap.

Windows 7 Preview

  • Windows 7 is the successor to Vista and the next major version of Windows.
  • While there’s no official release date yet, it is expected to ship later this year.
  • What new features does it have? What experience have we had with the beta releases?

Disney buys stake in Hulu

  • More credence to the Internet streaming move?

Nerd Theory of the Week

Movie Quotes

  • “Do you have a message for your Mother?”
  • “Yes. Tell her I feel fine.” – Spock to Sarek, Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home

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