Main topic

  • Kindle DX
  • Colleges issuing it to students at select universities in Fall 2009.
  • Amazon acquires Lexcycle, maker of the very popular Stanza e-book application for the iPhone.
  • John talks about a tech refresh project at school.
  • Analysts & Microsoft recommend skipping Vista to companies thinking about upgrading off of Windows XP.

Since Mike was with Tom in Tampa this week, we tried out a new Snowflake USB microphone and had John call in via Skype. The Snowflake is a much smaller version of the Snowball mic that we used back in episode  14. It has remarkable sensitivity as it was picking up all kinds of sounds in Tom’s house while we were testing before we started the show. It’s a great mic in a little package.

Movie Quote

  • “My CPU is a neural net processor; a learning computer.” – The Terminator, Terminator 2: Judgment Day

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