The Apple TV update is really cool for iPhone/Touch users. If your car supports AD2P Bluetooth profiles, you are in for a treat. Plus, a tragedy on the Disney monorails. All this and more. Thanks for listening!

Apple TV 2.4 update — COOL !!!!

  • To get the full effect of the ability to control your Apple TV from your iPhone or iPod Touch, make sure you install the latest firmware (v2.4) on your Apple TV. Then also download the latest update to the Apple Remote app for your iPhone/Touch (v1.3). Once you’ve got both of these, go ahead and control your Apple TV. You will be able to use finger gestures to scroll through the menus and play media on your Apple TV. What a great update!

Listen to music via Bluetooth in the car

  • Tom rented a smoking hot brand new 2010 Camaro SS last week and discovered some very well-implemented bluetooth tech that worked seamlessly with his new iPhone 3GS. Using the AD2P profile that is new to iPhone 3GS, Tom was able to stream music from his iPhone wirelessly over the Camaro’s speakers.

Disney Monorail accident

  • Tragic news from Orlando saw the first fatality on a Disney monorail in the early morning hours of  July 5th. An investigation into what happened is currently underway. But there is plenty of information about the history of the monorails, the rigorous testing they go through, and an explanation of the safety mechanisms that are in place to prevent exactly this sort of thing. Hopefully the investigation will shed light on what went wrong. We are HUGE fans of the Disney monorails ever since our first ride on them back in June 1976.

End of an era: AOL shuts down CompuServe

  • Despite rumors of its demise long ago, it wasn’t until last week that the CompuServe service was shut down. Bought by AOL in 1998, CompuServe was the Internet before there was an Internet. Remember those user IDs in the form of 7xxxx,xxxx ? (yeah, there was a comma in there). A huge online service that had it’s hey-day in the 1980’s, CompuServe is where people went online to get their content. Truly a haven for geeks and nerds, it was easily overtaken by AOL which went after the ‘keep it simple’ approach that made online access easy for the masses.

Some early iPhone OS 3.0 bugs

  • As with all previous major releases (1.0, 2.0) of the iPhone OS, the latest v3.0 is suffering from its fair share of bugs. In our own experiences, we have noticed the need for all-too-frequent reboots, app crashes, and odd behaviors (buttons that don’t work or turn blank until you reboot, duplicate emails syncing Gmail). But the Internet blogs indicate that a patch may be imminent.

Movie Quote

  • “We are commodities brokers, William.
  • Now, what are commodities?
  • Commodities are agricultural products.
  • Like coffee, that you had for breakfast.
  • Wheat, which is used to make bread.
  • Pork bellies, which is used to make bacon, which you might find in a bacon, lettuce and tomato sandwich.” – Randolph, Trading Places

  • The best part of this quote is Eddie Murphy’s (Billy Ray Valentine) reaction. He stares into the camera (breaking a Hollywood rule) as if to say to the audience “I can’t believe how stupid these guys think I am.” Just a hilarious scene.

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