Google wants to see more Chrome on your desktop. Microsoft counters with a free Office version. And we ponder what the future holds for presenting content in the best user experience possible. All this and a birthday shout out to the inventor of radio. No, the REAL one.

Chris Shuler is our guest this week. He enlightens us on some killer performance of his Kindle DX and very handy cellular access.

MacBook Air USB – choose wisely

  • Due to limitations in Tom’s hotel room, he joined us via telephone. That MacBook Air needs more USB ports!

Google Wants to see Chrome on your desktop

  • The search giant has announced that it’s getting into the desktop operating system market. They are working with netbook manufacturers to bring this to you as early as Fall 2010. They got their feet wet with the Chrome browser and developing for the Android phone.

Microsoft Fights Back with a free version of Office

  • Not to be outdone, Microsoft seems to be going after Google Docs and other free Office alternatives with their announcement of a free web-based version of Office coming in the next version of the popular suite.

Kindle DX 1st Hand Experience

  • Killer battery life, surprisingly handy cellular coverage (without a data plan), crisp display of text. Hear a first hand account of the new Amazon device for reading books from our special guest.

iTunes 8.2.1 Patch

  • Apple released an update to iTunes today. It suggests that a fix for the AirTunes speaker problem may be included. But we know that Apple is notorious for simping on details of software updates.
  • UPDATE: since recording the show, we’ve had more time to test this out. It looks like the problem still exists unfortunately. So you’re still stuck with having to restart iTunes to get your remote speakers back.

Charge your iPhone while it’s in your belt clip case

  • Tom talks about the Fuel case for iPhone. He finds it very handy for recharging his iPhone without connecting it to a wall outlet or USB port.

Nerd of the Week

  • Happy Birthday, Nikola Tesla!
  • Born on July 10th, 1856
  • The inventor of radio (though wrongly credited to Marconi at the time) would be 153 years old now.

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