Tom is on assignment in Europe this week. Look for some video blogs from location soon. But we’ve got lots of tech news to cover this week, including news on Windows 7, a bug in IE and a new threat to netbooks.

With great power comes great responsibility. This means you, Amazon!

The New Yorker Reviews the Kindle: “Buy an iPod Touch”

  • Peter Kafka writes that “Amazon … is very good at selling things. It isn’t so good, to date anyway, at making things. But, fortunately, if you want to read electronic books there’s another way to go. Here’s what you do. Buy an iPod Touch (it costs seventy dollars less than the Kindle 2, even after the Kindle’s price was recently cut), or buy an iPhone, and load the free “Kindle for iPod” application onto it.” We’ve heard that somewhere before. Oh yeah, episode 5 of this podcast. 🙂

Quarterly Business Results

  • Some quarterly business results from Apple, NetFlix and Microsoft. Two are better than analyst estimates. The other,… not so much.

Windows 7 RTM takes place

  • Microsoft kept it’s Windows 7 operating system on schedule for the October release by sending the software to manufacturing. Now all of those discs are getting burned and put into the shrink-wrapped boxes that will soon appear on a store shelf near you.

Laptops for less than $300?

  • Why is competition good for the consumer? You’ve heard us talk about the growing popularity of netbooks in recent weeks. But now Compaq is fighting back. They will soon be offering a nicely-equipped Presario laptop at Wal-Mart for $298. If you can get all of the power of a laptop for this price, who would still consider a netbook? Stay tuned. Wal-Mart execs believe this laptop will fly off shelves quickly. Expect other companies to react quickly based on what happens here.

Microsoft issues an out-of-band critical patch for Windows

  • Surprise, surprise. A vulnerability in Internet Explorer requires a critical patch. This one can’t wait until Microsoft Tuesday. So check for Windows Updates and patch your browser. While we personally prefer Safari on Mac or FireFox on Windows, it’s always a good idea to check for browser updates frequently.

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